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ポポロ Jan 2009 (Ohkura's stage report) Translated

ohkura's stage report from POPOLO Jan 2009, translated. original scans which can be found here, were generously contributed by usagil00lchan

• Secret #1 - The girl Ohkura wants to protect? (referring to his solo track entitled Mamoritai)

Ohkura's ideal girl revealed in his new solo?!
Ohkura's new solo entitled "last tears" is the 'answer song' to his previous solo, Mamoritai (I want to protect). He had a mental image of what he wanted to say to his ideal girl and wrote it down in the form of lyrics, such as the lines "Please depend on me… I want to be a strong support to you too". As such, the lyrics have given us some insight to Ohkura's ideal girl.

• Secret #2 - Wearing his self-designed T-shirt

His favorite logo design
The design of the initials "O.T", could be seen throughout Ohkura's entire concert, such as on his costumes, images and so on. Of course, the concert goods and the T-shirt (designed by Ohkura) bore this logo too. He also wore this self-designed T-shirt as an inner layer under his jacket. He must really like this logo design?

• Secret #3 - Ohkuma festival!!

The introduction of the Ohkura monogram bear
Ohkura has always loved teddy bears and thought to himself, "I definitely want to make one myself", and thus Ohkuma was born. This Ohkuma teddy bear has the characters making up Ohkura printed all over its body. Ohkura then poses with his Ohkuma shyly and takes 2 shots!

• Secret #4 - Gorgeous stage with water effects

Mystical stage based on Eito's number!

The stage was partly based on Kanjani's "Osaka Rainy Blues" and there were various structures and special effects that gave the stage a mystical feel. For instance, there were dancing streams of water (kind of like a fountain) in which, Ohkura stood in the centre and sang and danced.

• Secret #5 - New drums stained with paint?

The strongest drum performance

Ohkura didn't just use conventional drumsets but also rare kinds of drums including traditional drums. He sprayed luminous paint all over his drums so that the paint would splash up as he hit them. The combination of colors and sound resulted in an amazing performance that entertained the audience very well.

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