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ポポロ1月-Sexy hero grandprix - 錦戸亮- translated

やった。I thought I'd never find time to do this. With all the last minute packing and rushing for my family vacation trip thing.  But here you go: Ryo-chan's hero types. (original scans contributed by usagil00lchan .) I'll be away from tomorrow till next Monday so the rest of the articles will probably only be up after that.  Sorry for the delay >.<

Workaholic Hero - Subaru Shibutani
He never shows us his tired side.
He had to do 2 drama shoots at the same time on top of his regular group activities, so he was very busy this year. As a result, we didn't have much chances to have interviews together this year. I think his work load is really heavy. But he's always very cool and never shows us his tiredness.

Hero who spontaneously able to sing to one's own accompaniment - Nishikido Ryo (commenting on himself)
Able to sing to his own guitar accompaniments.
After every concert rehearsal, I always sing about my own life for about 30-60 minutes and I think it's very fun to sing in front of the audience and through the mike. This year, I often go singing Saito Kazuyoshi or [the yellow monkey].

• Ultra hero - Maruyama Ryuhei
There is a stoic side to him.
Ryo chan is always a hero! No matter what he does, he's always able to do it well. He's good at acting and looks cool. He's got a lot of positive qualities about him that I don't have! Every time he writes a song, he tries to arrange it himself in the best possible way so that's a stoic side to him and that's really cool.

• Drama hero - Yasuda Shota
Sousuke left a deep impression on me.
The last friends character Sousuke left a very deep and lasting impression on me. Even now, Ryo's in the midst of production of another drama and I always ask him if he's okay and he always replies that he is. I think he's very pro as an actor.

• Smile Hero - Ohkura Tadayoshi
Thank you for your smile!
Ryo chan always looks very scary when he's quiet. But when he smiles, the difference between his scary and smiley self is huge. This year, he made me feel refreshed with his smile many times. And he helped me with the graphics for my solo live. When he was helping me, he showed me many nice smiles. Thank you!!

• Work hero - Murakami Shingo
He's a very tough guy
Ryo's work load is so heavy that he practically has no time to rest but even so, he never grumbles. So I think he's very cool! Once in a blue moon, he falls into such a deep sleep that it seems as though he's dead. But on the whole, he's actually full of energy (genki). And in the dressing room, he's always prancing around. So I really respect his toughness.

• Nishikido Hero - Yokoyama Yu
I saw him on TV a lot!
Nishikido hero refers to Nishikido as a person. Every time he has 2 concerts going on at the same time (NEWS and Kanjani), his life appears very stressful to me, but he always works very hard in a cheerful way. This year, I saw 'Nishikido hero' on TV quite a lot, and it always made me very happy.

Extra: (Ryo's comment on his first appearance on POPOLO several years ago)
I remember that after this photo was taken, I immediately went to perm my hair, so as to look like my idol from Dragon Ash. But I was in the middle of acting in a drama and the sudden change of hairstyles resulted in me getting scolded severely. (LOL)

edit: as pointed out by niwiwin , Ryo wasn't singing with Saito Kazuyoshi but was probably singing his songs? sorry i really don't know who saito kazuyoshi is :/
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