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Canjani! Yoko and Ohkura at the temple - translations II

gosh the whole weekend has been a mad rush. 2 projects to rush, 1 script to edit, and not to mention tutorial homework D: i still haven't done my readings haha X( 

ok translations for this week's canjani! (i figured since i did last week, i might as well complete this week's)... I've only done them up to the part where their stay at the temple ends ;__; will try to complete the rest of the episode when my workload is less heavy. Also, I may have skipped some parts where the narrator is explaining stuff cos I was rushing this.  If there are detailed bits, you really do want to know, you can let me know and i'll see what i can do. in the mean time, enjoy! 

Monk: Excuse me. I’m coming in.  In our temple, we have study sessions from 7pm onwards every day, so from now on, I’d like the 2 of you to practice writing scriptures.


Narrator: Writing scriptures involves copying the given scripture on a piece of tracing paper so as to reflect upon it.


Immediately, they start writing scriptures in a quiet room.

What matters is not how pretty the words are, but whether you are concentrating while writing.


Yoko: Wow you’re really fast

Ohkura: That’s because I’m writing with an empty mind.  I really feel it (the emptiness).


Narrator: Compared to Ohkura who is writing v smoothly Yokoyama is….


Yoko: Why is my penmanship so poor?

Ohkura: This is just a mess of blackness

Yoko: Hey, change pens with me. I bet the problem lies with the pen I’m using


Shota: Is it really the pen at fault?


Ohkura: How is it?

Yoko: No change at all.


Ryo: What a foolish kid.

Ohkura: But more than what every one thinks, my feet feel really numb (from kneeling like this).  My feet are cold and numb.  And I can’t feel my feet anymore.


Narrator: 30 mins later, Ohkura is done.

Murakami: Wow fast!


Abbot enters the room

Ohkura: I’m done!

Abbot: Since Yokoyama is still writing, let me talk to you a little regarding what I’ve heard about your performance today.  I heard that you’ve been shirking your responsibilities here and there.

Ryo: Scary!!

Narrator: Ohkura you’re in trouble!

Abbot: So could you please do another chore for me today?

Ohkura: What is it?

Narrator: He has to climb 216 stairs to check that the lamp in the inner courts is still lit. Such checks are very important to the maintenance of the temple.


Ohkura: You mean from now on?

Abbot: Yes, please. May I have the favour?

Ohkura: I humbly refuse.

Abbot: (laughs)

Ohkura: You mean I really have to go?


Narrator: And so….

Ohkura: I really don’t want to go…

Narrator: Ohkura goes all by himself to check if the lamps are lit.

Ohkura: uwaa…

Staff: Please work hard, Ohkura!

Ohkura: Eh? Really?! From here? But I’m really scared! Oh no…. The light from the torch is too dim…  Yokoyama kun I wish you were here…. Oh how I wish I swept the corner properly…. (in a state of remorse)

Yasu: He’s in a state of remorse!

Narrator: And here, the greatest terror falls upon Ohkura.

Ohkura: Oh I want to cry….. AHHHHH! (?!?!?!)

Staff: What’s the matter?

Ohkura: What’s this water? Tell me who it is who did that? And it’s warm…. Ohkura Tadayoshi cannot proceed any further!

Yoko: Why the heck is he using his full name?

Narrator: Actually, it was just dew from the trees.
Meanwhile, Yoko who was left alone to finish writing says: I’m done but….. (his feet are numb so he can’t stand.) Somehow he manages to drag his feet back to the room. And even helps to lay Ohkura’s mattress.

Yoko: The mattresses are cold! What does this tell us?


Ohkura (At the top of the stairs): Ok. No abnormalities.


Ohkura: I’m back! (Ohkura has returned safely!) Oh yay! The mattresses are laid!  You know, it was really tough! I was scared out of my wits!

(silence and no reply from Yoko… )

Ohkura: Are you sleeping?

Yoko: Yes.

Ohkura: It’s so early… only 9pm. Can you sleep?

Yoko: (sneeze)

Ohkura: Terrible! You’ve totally caught a flu! (laughs)

Yoko (crossly): I’m going to switch the lights off!


Narrator: So the end their first day at 9pm.

The next day at 6 am, the morning bell rings, and a junior monk runs around the temple as a sign that everyone should awaken.

Shota: Hey! Yoko is awake!

Yoko: I thought it was a fire alarm and that the temple was ablaze with fire!

Monk: Good morning. The morning bell has rung, so please prepare for morning duties.


(Ohkura refuses to wake up.)


Narrator: 10 mins after the bell has rung, everyone gathers at the main hall.

Every morning the monks gather in the main hall for morning chants and prayers.  Which means that you have to seiza (kneel) for 40 minutes, which is tough for people not used to it.  The 2 of them participate and sit in a corner. Yoko looks totally absorbed. He’s a total monk, looking at it.  After 40 mins, it’s over. 


Next, they go for more prayers.  There’s no time for rest.  The next set of prayers is prayers for a day of peace. It lasts for about 20 minutes and is then over. And after that…


Monk: Now we’re going to eat something to fill your stomachs.
Ohkura: FOOD! Food!

Yoko: … (can’t really walk)


Narrator: Breakfast at 8 is taken by everyone in the main hall.  Already, everyone is there, so they feel a little embarrassed for having kept them waiting. They’re very nervous because they have to eat with everyone ranging from head abbot to the most junior monk.

Chatter is not allowed during mealtime.  And the 2 of them eat in the midst of the oppressive silence.  (All that can be heard are the sounds of chopsticks). After 30 minutes, mealtime is over.  (The 2 of them cannot stand).

At 9 am they have meditation again. Their last chore is meditation again for achieving emptiness and peace of mind.  Compared to yesterday, their performance has improved.  At the end of 40 minutes, Ohkura got hit twice while Yoko got hit zero times.

Monk: Both of your meditations today are vastly different from yesterday. You’ve improved a lot.  Now, all your duties at the temple are over. 


Yoko: We’ve safely completed the 1 night 2day training at the temple. I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.

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