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dreams and weather

i am really sleepy, so this entry is going to turn out really random.

so yes. i found a quote i really liked: "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." not sure who said it though.  

anyway the weather here has been really erratic as of lately.  just last week, it dropped to about 20 degrees, and i was squealing in delight and putting on my new cardigans and all dressed for autumn.  but this week, the temperature's been climbing up again and i guess we're back to summer-like weather again ):  it was so hot today!  i can't believe i wore jeans instead of shorts.  but well i have to find formal clothes for clinical skills tutorial tomorrow or risk getting told off.  

last but not least, photo from med camp! i am in the back row, second from right! we were trying to dress up as show girls. like top hats and blazers / vests with shorts and stockings. but haha the hats look quite funny.  i love my black blazer 8D and my green sparkly hat and blue eyeshadow (:  

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