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there, i've gone ahead and done it.

 yes i sent the e-mail.  i only hope i didn't come across as rude and pushy.  BUT hey, even if i did, it's 2 against one right? And besides, we've been trying for the WHOLE of last night trying to tell her gently that her argument is structurally unsound.  but i think she's really pushing for the hikkikomori thing.  So I've decided to tell her straight that i don't want to do it because of valid reasons.  

Don't get me wrong.  I still like her a lot as a friend.  But I just don't want to be a doormat anymore.  i think that if she's going to go all out and push for her idea, I should at least be given the right to push my views too. 

flowers // そう、もうすぐ春だね

new layout! and happy V-day.

[edit] ARGH project discussion is GOING NOWHERE. _bwahahaha  please save me D: the problem with doing projects with a friend. is that. i have no idea how to tell her the argument is going nowhere. and is structurally UNSOUND D: i am like deeply anguished and frustrated. [/edit]

New layout from unequally because koneho  was recommending the layouts from there. i have a strange liking for macro photography of flowers, so i'm really happy i found this layout. (: 

anyways. happy valentines day! i am going to be single, but w/e.  it looks like i'm going to have to cancel our outing, saytre  ): i have 3 projects to complete and tons of readings that i am nowhere near completing. i'll get back to you by midnight today to confirm. terrible. i think the weekends will be spent being buried in work. sigh. 

and now, i present you, a rather old vid i chanced upon. Shota gets um. attacked. and i choked while watching it. i'm supposed to be discussing projects via MSN, but i'm getting a little tired of the discussion. so i've gone multi-tasking: searching for more resources, downloading more academic papers for discussion purposes, and yes. watching videos of Shota getting mauled o.O 

Embedding has been disabled, but here's the link anyways. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RZqctbn0h4&feature=related)
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P.S. Happy Birthday anepotter  and malisvaart  ♥ I posted you stuff today but i have no idea when it'll arrive :p
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CanJani! Yoko and Ohkura at the temple - translations

Wow I've been away from livejournal for a really long time! Well, school work has been keeping me really busy for the past few weeks.  What, with all the group presentations and projects piling up. :/ and not to mention my never-ending pile of readings.  Sighh. nonetheless, I couldn't resist taking a peek at the latest episode for Canjani! which was kind of related to my JS module (regarding all those Buddhist sects which flourished during theKamakura period)...  I can't believe they made Yokoyama and Ohkura spend 2 days training at a temple though! Translations can be found below. (Italics are comments given by the other Kanjani members while viewing the video)

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Happy CNY!

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random snippets of life

星の位置の音符で 君に囁くメロディー
本当の愛情を求めては ねぇ、いけないの?

僕たちはそう 満ち欠けのように

「月の道」ー 亀梨和也


i truly believe memories are the stuff life is made of, and if i could, i want to remember every single thing that makes my life the way it is.

anyway this has been a tiring week. school has been genuinely enjoyable though. i'm happy to be able to meet so many friends during and in between classes, and the lecturers for all my modules are really interesting. tutorial registration, however, is proving to be a major headache and i really hope the office works it out :/ 

oh! i finally finished watching ryuusei no kizuna.  It wasn't really what I expected (something much darker and more sinister).  But it was entertaining, I suppose :) 

anyways, i'm thinking of getting a new eye-liner but i have no idea which brands i should go for. suggestions anyone?

shota // happy!

roads, here i come ;)

 i passed my driving test :) and my driver's license will be arriving via registered mail in about a month.  in the mean time, i'm allowed to drive with the acknowledgement slip from the traffic police department. so, roads, fear me :D here i come! 

anyway, lectures begin tomorrow and it's going to be officially back to school for me.  sigh.  the modules this semester seem relatively tough and i don't look forward to them :/ oh but abnormal psych should be interesting (i hope). 

that is all. 
ryo // pensieve

sick... ): but smiling :)

my throat hurts and my nose is blocked. ): i'm seriously having problems breathing especially when i'm trying to sleep so i end up tossing and turning for the whole night and only falling asleep at 6 am thereabouts and waking up at 10 am when the sunlight gets too bright for me to sleep.

that aside, i have spent the whole day getting used to my new laptop before school starts so i can actually use it as a study tool. this, in particular, made me smile :D thanks so much creamy_amande for putting up the adorable pics. they really made me squee.

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meme: 18 questions

Got tagged by jiayan :

A. People who have been tagged must, if they choose to participate, write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
Please italicize the new question if you do that.

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B. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
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sorry for tagging you guys :X i hope you don't find it too much trouble. but you don't have to do it if you don't want to ^^</div>
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happy new year ♥

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Okay. It's been officially 2009 for at least a day and a half now and school is starting again soon! I've really had lots of fun this holiday, catching up with old friends, going shopping, watching movies, eating, and simply spending time in each others' presence! I really am very thankful just to get the chance to have a break from all that studying and travelling to and from school. But now that school is starting, I'm all ready to start the semester again :) I'll admit though, that bidding for the modules I want and planning tutorial slots are proving to be quite a headache. But I'm sure it'll all work out somehow!

Today was a really good day. My lunch and dinner companions were really great company. Even though I hadn't seen them for so long (since graduating from junior college I think), everyone is still pretty much the same. It was really fun to talk and catch up! Especially since cg has flown back from NYC! halfway round the world. It's so good to hear about how everyone is doing :) Oh and I found Jason Mraz's limited edition CD at HMV :D

In other news, emm tan is a really cute girl. I always feel really amused talking to her whether face-to-face or on MSN. I'm really looking forward to seeing her around lectures and tutorials! ♥ I'm glad to have gotten to know her better again in uni.

Okay. I shall stop my incoherent ramblings... But I was really in a good mood today and I'm glad I'm starting off the new year feeling so full of love and happiness. I hope it lasts :D and happy (belated) new year to everyone too :D
1リットルの涙// あきらめない、もっと強くなりたいから

*for personal reference: new year resolutions. well sort of.

i don't really think these are new year resolutions exactly. they're more like things i want to change about my life after looking back on mistakes i've made this year.
  • i want to learn to live like there is no tomorrow: without any hesitations, any regrets, or any self-doubts; and just go forth to do the things i want to do without letting anything hold me back. Work as if you have no need of the money. Love as if you've never been hurt before. Dance as if nobody is watching you.  Sing as if nobody is hearing you.
  • i need to learn to stop letting other people dictate my life. i need to learn to say no (in every sense of the word). it is after all, my life isn't it? so shouldn't i get a say in whether or not i want to do certain things?
  • i also want to learn to be less dependent on other people. my happiness should not have to depend on another individual. also, i shouldn't have to be afraid to stand up against another for what i believe in.
  • and while i'm at it, i want to be able to hold myself accountable for the things i do.  when i aim to do something, i want to have the determination to hold on to it till the end.  only then, can i start making changes, right?

i think i'm being ambitious. but that's what i hope to achieve (if not next year) some day. ってゆうか、これから今まで以上にもっと頑張らなきゃね。もっと、もっと、強くなりたい。